Doodlebug Time!

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Doodlebug Time!

We get inquiries from people all of the time, asking us “when are you going to bring fast internet to us?” We are always looking to expand our service area, as well as enhance the services for the areas we’ve always served, such as Carnegie and Alfalfa. This summer, we began a project to bring fast internet to areas north and east of Fort Cobb Lake. We call this tower site “Doodlebug”, as it sits atop a small hill that resembles a doodlebug mound. When complete, we will be able to offer up to 50-mbps internet to people in Crows Roost, Swan Lake, Avery Addition, and parts of Fly Inn #2 which we previously did not serve. We will also be able to offer service to areas east of Fort Cobb Dam as well.

The project started with bringing Fiber Optic connectivity to the new tower site. We decided early on that we needed the almost unlimited capacity of a fiber optic line in order to provide the best internet experience to our new areas. We ran over 2.5 miles of fiber, ending up at the top of the hill where the tower would be built.

Next, we dug out for the foundation for the tower, and poured concrete to set it in place. After several weeks of waiting for the concrete to cure, we then enlisted the aid of our longtime tower climber, Leonard Smith, to help actually raise the tower. We did so section by section, 10 feet at a time, until we arrived at our final height of 55 feet.

Finally, we mounted several antennas and radios at the top of the tower, to provide coverage to the east and north.

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We will begin installing customers in our new service areas beginning in August, 2018. Call us to find out more, or click the Contact Us link at the top of the page. We look forward to making your internet experience a delight.