Get a GIGABIT Now!

Carnegie Telephone offers our absolute fastest internet service available NOW in Carnegie and Fort Cobb, OK. With a fiber-optic driven network right to your house, we can deliver unbelievably fast speeds and reliability.

Download SpeedUpload SpeedMonthly Rate
1 gb/s1 gb/s$149.95
250 mb/s250 mb/s$99.95
100 mb/s100 mb/s$79.95
50 mb/s50 mb/s$59.95

Where do we offer this service?

This service is offered in the town of Carnegie, OK and Fort Cobb, OK, and in the rural areas immediately surrounding the town limits. Enter your address below to see what services are available at your address!. We are always expanding our area to serve new locations, so if we don’t serve where you live now, check back soon to see where we’re going next. We also offer other types of internet service to other areas as well.